Will AMCAR be a NASCAR sanctioned class?
At Houston Motorsports Park, AMCAR is a NASCAR sanctioned class as part of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series


Do I have to buy an AMCAR or can I build one myself?

You may build the car yourself or take to any builder to have them build it.  AMCAR will also have rollers available.


Do I have to buy the AMCAR fabricated metric frame?

No, you may use an OEM 1978-1987 GM 108.1” metric frame OR you may purchase an AMCAR frame.  Your choice.  The AMCAR fab frame is not required


What AMCAR parts are required to be purchased from AMCAR?

You must use an AMCAR welded cage, AMCAR body and AMCAR Shocks if running the AMCAR rules.


What are other parts are available from AMCAR?

Please click HERE for the AMCAR Parts List.


Who is eligible for the $10,000 Mitchell Motorsports Points Fund?

Any racer from any AMCAR sanctioned race track that races in the AMCAR class.  At HMP, this also includes the grandfathered drivers from the NASCAR Stock Car class.  Currently, only HMP is sanctioned but we welcome other race tracks to join, both asphalt and dirt.


How does my race track become sanctioned?

Owners and/or promoters of race tracks may contact John Mandabach at 713-826-3313 or to discuss.


What is the payout for the $10,000 Mitchell Motorsports Points Fund?

Click HERE to view the breakdown of the $10,000 Mitchell Motorsports Points Fund





Will AMCAR be part of NASCAR?

Yes, at HMP, the class will be the NASCAR American Muscle Cars and sanctioned as part of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. It will replace the NASCAR Stock Car class beginning with the 2014 season.


Can I run my existing NASCAR Stock Car at HMP? 

Yes!  For 2014, All current NASCAR Stock Cars that compete in at least one race in 2013 will be grandfathered and run under the current rules.


Do I have to make changes to my NASCAR Stock Car for 2014?

No.  However, HMP may adjust total weight and left side percentage, either up or down to keep both classes competitive.


Can I blend the AMCAR rules with the NASCAR Stock Car rules?

No.  You must run EITHER the NASCAR Stock Car rules or the AMCAR rules.  No hybrids or blending of the two sets of rules.


Can I convert my NASCAR Stock Car to an AMCAR? 

Yes, if your current car is a metric OEM frame per the rules, then you would need to install an AMCAR cage, AMCAR body and AMCAR shocks.  Most of the other components are legal and interchangeable.  Please review the rules closely to be sure.