Ultra Street Shootout

1/8th mile Eliminator

Fiberglass/Carbon body panels are limited to hood, rear deck lid, fenders, doors, and bumpers. Cowl hoods may not be taller than half way point of the windshield. Forward facing scoops are prohibited on power adder combos unless factory installed or less than 5 inches from flat area of hood. Inlets for turbochargers and superchargers must not be exposed to ram air. Race car lettering limited to windows to maintain street type appearance.

Aftermarket steering columns are allowed. Factory type dash accepted. Must have carpet.

Optical devices are prohibited. All entries must have operational head lights and tail lights.

Aftermarket blocks and cylinder heads are allowed. All entries must utilize a single carburetor cast intake manifold. Motor plates and solid mounts are allowed. Engine must be in stock location. Mufflers are required on all vehicles (except turbocharged combos). All SB power adder engines are limited to 440 cubic inches. SB N/A up to 480 cubic inch permitted with added 7 lbs. per cubic inch over 470 and BB N/A limited to 632 and BOP/BB Mopar power adder limited to 588. Any engine in question will be measured with a P&G gauge. A correction factor of 1.5% will be used. Competitors may be asked to remove a cylinder head for bore and stroke measurements should any discrepancies arise.

Small blocks and BB N/A combinations may use a single cast intake manifold with minimal welding limited to the carb pad for single carb or EFI. Small Block N/A may use cast tunnel ram/sheetmetal/dual carbs w/weight penalty (See*below) Mod motor permitted aftermarket ram or billet intake w/ additional weight. (See*below)

Nitrous limited to SB and BOP/Mopar BB entries - Progressive nitrous controllers are allowed. Entries must utilize a single stage nitrous plate with one nitrous, one fuel and one redundant purge solenoid. Cross bar or perimeter style plate not permitted on BB Mopar entry. BB Mopar permitted single stage, single bar plate. Foggers must be disconnected and all solenoids must be capped off. Nitrous plates using fogger nozzles are not allowed.

Turbocharged (mid frame turbo only) and supercharged entries are limited to stock valve angle SB combos only. (SB CHEVY 23 DEGREE - SB FORD 20 DEGREE – 18 DEGREE MOPAR - FACTORY HEADED SMALL BLOCK FORD MOD MOTOR - LS CHEVY 15 DEGREE)
** NOTE: SB Chevy 23 degree Raised Runner – SB Ford 20 degree (SR20 –FT1 or T1RI or equivalent) not permitted with boosted combo

Any OEM style automatic or OEM manual transmission is allowed with power adder. Clutch assisted/clutchless manual transmission allowed on N/A. Manual transmissions must utilize SFI approved bell housing.

Stock type rear suspension or ladder bar only. Coil over shocks are allowed. Anti-roll allowed. Aftermarket replacement control arms are allowed. Stock frame rails must be in factory location, notching permitted. Corvette permitted any type of transverse leaf spring rear suspension. Wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars. Late model GTO permitted torque arm or ladder bar w/ additonal weight (see below)

Factory type front suspension only. Coil over shocks are allowed. Aftermarket replacement control arms are allowed. Aftermarket K-Members/Sub-Frames allowed.

A maximum of a 28 x 10.5 non W slick (N/A small block only), 28 x 12.50 ET Street or any 275 radial may be used on N/A, power adders limited to a P275/60-15 Mickey Thompson Tire P/N 3754R radial tire. Wheel width is limited to 12"

AMC - 3100
Base weight includes BOP combos – 3200
Mopar BB conventional B1 head - 3300
All heads 14.9 and under - 3250
Any canted valve head - 3250
All heads 15 degrees and above carry no additional weight
Any non-raised runner 23 degree combo – 3000
Any raised runner 23 degree combo - 3150
Blue Thunder Cylinder Heads - 3250
C3/C302B/C302/Yates style -3100
Any 20 degree ford – 3000
Any 20 degree high port SR20 –FT1 or T1RI or equivalent - 3150
TFS-R ford - 3050

F1C – 3200
YSI – 3200

T-76 - 3150
T-80 - 3200

N/A Inline head – 2650
N/A Non-Inline head – 2750
N/A (big block with standard deck height and conventional head) 2950 lbs
N/A (big block with tall deck height and conventional head) 3000 lbs
N/A (big block with standard height and big chief head) 3050 lbs
N/A (big block with tall deck height and big chief head) 3100 lbs over 589 add 100lbs

No Billet cylinder heads/blocks
No Billet wheels on 80mm turbo combo (add 50lbs for 76 w/billet wheel)
No Reducers on turbo or supercharged combo
Alcohol/E85 legal (meth injection legal on non-intercooled combo only)
All turbochargers (mid frame only) and superchargers must be as manufactured from factory (GT55-80 or = with cast wheel add 50 lbs)
No muffler required on turbo entry, required on all other combos
No bull horns - front exit exhaust permitted but must not effect timing equipment
Gear driven supercharger allowed
Belt driven supercharger deduct 50 lbs
Boosted LS 15* add 50 lbs
Non Intercooled boosted combos deduct 50 lbs (no deduct if on Alcohol for fuel)
Leaf springs deduct 100lbs on N/A deduct 50 on P/A
*Late model GTO permitted ladder bar or torque arm add 50 lbs
*Cast Tunnel Ram/Sheetmetal/Dual Carbs on SB N/A add 50 lbs
* Ram style or billet intake on mod motor permitted add 50 lbs
Single 4150 carb/throttle body deduct 50lbs (N/A or NOS only)
N/A may deduct 100 lbs if using M/T 3754R tire
V6 entries deduct 200lb

Accepted Products
Accepted products deadline for Ultra Street/X275 Motorsports: Requests from manufacturers to have new products considered for addition to the 2013 season should be submitted before December 1, 2012 for the 2013 season. After this date, Ultra Street/X275 Motorsports will consider manufacturer requests for new products for the 2014 season.