2014 RULES

HMP will follow the X275 rules as published on X275.net. Should the rules change on X275.net, so will the rules at HMP.

Click Here for REVISED 2014 X275 Rules (effective 6/12/14)

For questions regarding the rules or Tech, please contact:
HMP Tech Director - John Harrison
713-690-4233 or profabguy@aol.com


June 14th Radial Rumble Purse:
$5000 Win
$1000 Runner Up
$400 Semi
$200 Quarters

If more than 24 cars enter, HMP will also run a second chance X275 shootout for non-qualifiers that will pay $500 to win and $200 runner up.

Ultra Street Rules CLICK HERE

Ultra Street Purse:
$600 Win
$350 Runner Up
$200 Semis

2014 Championship Points Breakdown for X275 & Ultra Street:
Participation - Each driver gets 1 point for every tech card purchased by class on race day 
Qualifying - #1 = 5 pts, #2 = 4 pts, #3 = 3 pts, #4 = 2 pts, #5 = 1 pt
Each Round Win = 10 pts
Runner Up = 3 pts
Overall Winner = 5 pts

Street racing is not drag racing.

Full Concessions, Fuels & Nitrous Available.

Houston Motorsports Park has become more than just a place to race, it’s a great meeting place,
a weekly social gathering with rumbling motors and spinning tires as part of the ambiance …
It’s a part of the community.






Houston Motorsports Park, 11620 North Lake Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77044
Phone 281-458-1972, Fax 281-458-2836, E-mail: events@houstonmotorsportspark.com