Points Championship

NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds, NASCAR BWFS 360 Trucks
NASCAR Stock Cars, Eco-Stocks, Legends & Bandoleros.

All HMP classes will run for HMP Track Points Championships. All classes except Legends & Bandoleros will be awarded points as follows: Track Points will be allocated for Features and Heats. Feature points will awarded based upon NASCAR Whelen All American Series national points system which awards points based upon the amount of cars starting the feature race. The winner will be awarded 2 points per car up to 20 cars and a 5 point bonus for winning. Each finishing position after the winner will decrease by 2 points. Finishing positions 20th and lower will each be awarded 2 points. Example: If starting field for the Feature has 20 cars, then the winner will be awarded 40 points plus a 5 point bonus, second place awarded 38 points and so on in 2 point increments. Heat points will be awarded based upon the same system as the features but with 1 point increments and no winner bonus. If there are more than one heat race per class, then points will be awarded based upon the amount of cars starting EACH heat. Example: If there are two heats for a class with 8 cars in each heat, then the winner of each heat will be awarded 8 points each, second place in each heat awarded 7 points each and so on in 1 point increments. The points for the feature and heat(s) of each event will be added together for each driver for a total combined score for the event. If during an event, a driver receives a disqualification for a heat or a feature, they will not receive any points for that heat or feature. Legends and Bandoleros will follow the INEX points system.

* Disqualifications will receive zero (0) points.
In case of a tie, the following will determine the champion:


Most Wins.
Most Second Place Finishes.
Most Third Place Finishes.