Houston Motorsports Park

11620 N. Lake Houston Parkway
Houston, TX 77044
(281) 458-1972
Fax: (281) 458-2836
E-Mail: events@houstonmotorsportspark.com

Speedway Tech Director
Jack Sandefur (512) 281-5489
E-mail: jrsdean@airmail.net

Race Director
Sarah Mandabach (832) 771-4443
E-mail: sarah@houstonmotorsportspark.com


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Houston Motorsports Park has become more than just a place to race, it’s a great meeting place,
a weekly social gathering with rumbling motors and spinning tires as part of the ambiance …
It’s a part of the community.


Houston Motorsports Park, 11620 North Lake Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77044
Phone 281-458-1972, Fax 281-458-2836, E-mail: events@houstonmotorsportspark.com