Southern No Prep Nationals

Class Difference:
Street = Up to 275/60 or 10.5" slick (No W's)

Outlaw = Wider than 275/60 or 10.5" slick.

General Rules:
1. No Prep
2. No Testing
3. Must Have Doors
4. No Burnouts past Staging Beams
5. Instant Green. Win Light Only. No Time.
6. Any Type of Tire Permitted (street, drag radial, slick, etc).
7. Tire Size Based Upon Manufacturer Stamp
8. Cheaters Will Be Shot On Site :)

That's all the rules!

Houston Motorsports Park, 11620 North Lake Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77044
Phone 281-458-1972, Fax 281-458-2836, E-mail: