STREET CAR TAKEOVER – October 24th, 2020 – Gates open 9:00am Racers / 11:00am Spectators

Street Car Takeover coming to Houston Motorsports Park for an 1/8th mile street car takeover!

Saturday Oct. 24th 2020
-Houston Motorsports Park
-Drag racing
-Gates open at 9am for racers
-Gates open at 11am for spectators
-$20 for single spectator ticket at the gate, kids 12 and under are FREE.
-$45 single day racer (classes are extra)
Drag Racing classes:-See full rules at
-Street Racer (1/8 mile, heads up, street cars only, requires cruise 30 miles)
-Street Racer Mild 5.70 index (1/8 mile, street cars only, requires cruise)
-Small Tire (1/8th mile, no time, 28×10.5/275 radials or smaller)
-Street Outlaw (1/8th mile, no time, must be a door car)
-Monster Clutches Stick Shift class (1/8 mile, heads up, street car, must be H pattern clutch shifted trans and must drive to and from the lanes under its own power)
-Truck/suv (1/8 mile, heads up, open to trucks and SUV’s)
-Carlyle Racing Heavyweight (1/8 mile, 4,200lb min weight with driver, heads up)
-Extreme Street 6.50 index (1/8 mile, index)
-Daily Driver 7.00 index (1/8 mile, index)
-Daily Driver Mild 7.70 index (1/8 mile, index)
All classes are .400 pro tree
Payouts for classes:
-Small Tire $3,500 with min 16 cars 80/20 split
-Street Racer $3,000 with min 16 cars 80/20 split
-Street Racer Mild $2000 with min 16 cars 80/20 split
-Street Outlaw $1,500 with min 6 cars 80/20 split
-Monster Clutches Stick Shift class $500 extra to winner
-All other classes have 100% payout with buy in money 80/20 split with winner and runner up.
Schedule for racing Saturday Oct. 24th
-12:00pm Drag Racers Drivers meeting at SCT Booth
-12:15 track goes hot for testing
-2:30pm eliminations (test n tune rolls between rounds)
-8:00pm racing ends unless elimination classes are still going.
Car meet in the pits! Open to all show cars 11am-close
Drag Racing
1.Street Racer Heads up
2.Street Racer 5.70 index
3.Extreme Street 6.50 index
4.Stick Shift Class Heads up
5.Carlyle Racing Heavyweight class Heads up
6.Truck/suv heads up
7.Daily Driver 7.00 index
8.Daily Driver Mile 7.70 index
9.Small Tire N/T
10.Street Outlaw N/T
Rules can be found at
You do not need to pre-register
Rules and classes can be found at